Kent Mini 8 Folding Bike Review

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It is easy and fast to travel to different destinations with the Kent Mini 8 Folding Bike. It is a great and compact bike that is very attractive and strong indeed. You will enjoy the breeze as you cruise with this easily foldable bike. It offers immense flexibility when it comes to storage as it fit in small spaces either folded or unfolded. It is your ideal travel companion if you have to use a commuter train as it folds easy and small.

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Kent Mini 8 Folding Bike Features

This Mini 8 is the best foldable bike if you are looking for lightweight transport. The aluminum alloy frame is one of the reasons for this characteristic as are the chrome steel handle post and seat post.  The 8-inch balloon tires are also responsible for this lightweight quality. It is only 26 pounds so it is easy to carry around, even up a flight of stairs. It is basically the size of an airport carry-on which means that it is very portable.

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The Kent Mini 8 Folding Bike is easily adjustable to suit any height up to 6 feet. The folding takes all of 20 seconds so if you are using a commuter train you will be on and off board in a jiffy. These are just some of the distinguishing factors on this wonderful bike that will have you turning heads everywhere you go. Once you get home you can store it in your closet or at a corner and it will easily blend in with the surrounding.

This Kent Mini 8 bike might not help you to win the tour de France but it will definitely get you to your destination. It has a one speed dual chain drive that will give you all the speed you need to get there. You also get front and linear pull brakes and alloy wheels to complete the look. It is an attractive little bike with great possibilities.

Kent Mini 8 Folding Bike Review

It therefore follows that you will find 10 customer reviews on about the Kent Mini 8 Folding Bike. The average rating is 3.8-star with 5 and 4-star rating dominating the reviews with 4 each. The most impressive feature to the customers is how fast it folds. Quite a number of reviewers love the fun riding this bike affords them. It is an ideal bike for easy commuting especially in crowded cities. There is a reviewer who thinks it is the ideal bike for good exercise around your neighborhood blocks due to its 8-inch tires. Click here to read the rest of the review.

You have to be a good bike rider with great balancing skills to enjoy the benefits of this bike. The 8-inch tires may have you off balance as one reviewer found out. The Kent Mini Bike is not for beginners who have not mastered the art of balancing on a bike.

The Kent Mini 8 Folding Bike is a great bike to ride around the neighborhood streets and as one reviewer put it, it is a fun workout bicycle. Whichever way you use it, it is a good investment and value for money. Click here to buy from Amazon with 12% discount Now!

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Customer Reviews

AnDrea July 25th, 2012 (#)

I too sold my car. When I woke up this morning I did not feel like bkiing the one way, nine-mile trip. But what was I going to do? It was too late to catch the bus and arrive on time and my part-time commuting buddy was long gone. By the time I got to work I was ready to go with tons of energy and enthusiasm.

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