Dahon Mu P8 Folding Bike Review

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This Dahon Mu P8 Folding Bike is the height of versatility and it lives up to the quality assurance of the Dahon range of bikes. It is light, strong and very fast which are some of the qualities you will look for in a bike for everyday use. The design is stylish and riding this bike makes you the envy of many. It is ideal for people living in limited spaces too since it folds neatly and in a short time for storage. Even in its unfolded state, this bike does not take up much space in your living spaces.

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Dahon Mu P8 Folding Bike Features

The manufacturer’s goals when designing the Dahon Mu P8 was to have a light bike that is durable and very fast when in use. These qualities are all fulfilled in the Mu P8 quite satisfactorily. This foldable bike folds easily and fast in just 15 seconds. It is therefore time efficient. It is light enough to be carried up a flight of stairs at just 11.2 kg which is quite amazing for a bike with such high qualities. The durability aspect is evident in the manufacturer’s warranty of up to 5 years without any defect. The original parts of the bike are guaranteed for 2 years.

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The speed of the Dahon Mu P8 Folding Bike is enhanced by the Dahon Neos 2.0 derailleur which serves fast and precise shifts. The wheels comprise of Dahon Comp and Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires which further ensure that the speed of this bicycle is unparalleled because they are light and fast rolling. The 8 speed option is also an indication that this bike was built for speed.

It is safe and comfortable to ride the P8 Folding bike. The radius telescope handlebars adjust according to the rider’s comfort so you can customize the bike for your riding pleasure. The low profile feature of the bike not only protects the derailleur from damage but also helps to keep the bike stable. The stability due to the low profile increases comfort for the rider too. Stability is important for your safety too. This stability and low profile is also a reason why it is able to attain high speeds.

Dahon Mu P8 Folding Bike Review

As is to be expected the Dahon Mu P8 folding bike has wonderful customer reviews on amazon.com. 11 of the 19 reviews give a 5-star rating which is the highest ranking. The other 6 are 4-star. One of the most popular features is the folding ability. It makes storage very easy especially for those who do not use this bike everyday or have limited storage. The speed is another popular feature and the fact that it is light at only 11.2 kg. Click here to read the rest of the review.

There is little to not like about the Dahon P8 folding bike. Customer satisfaction is definitely achieved and support is available to assist in case you hit a snag.

You get good value for money when you buy the Dahon Mu P8 Folding Bike. It is comfortable and has unmatched safety features that increase your riding pleasure. Ordering your Dahon Mu is the best decision you will make. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

Zeni July 25th, 2012 (#)

A really tiierfrc bike. I use it mostly in an urban setting, which its perfect for. I’m 6 so it maybe a tad small for my frame, but not really noticeable. One size fits all is what it is. I love it and wouldn’t trade it for a newer, high end, traditional bike. I just leave it in my suv and take it out when I need it, no matter where i am. Crisp shifting, great breaks, solid frame, comfy saddle, and more versatile than anything i’ve owned. Great compact bike for a commute, trip to the market, or to go to the gym (12 miles away). Highly recommended.

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